Enviroplan Flinders Plum Picnic Area Photo Fieldtrip | 05-08-2018

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This Fieldtrip is offered to members of the public wanting to enter into the 2018 Ipswich Enviroplan Photographic Competition. A partnership with the Ipswich City Council & James Doyle Photography.

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Join me and fellow photographers at the Flinders Plum Picnic Area on a free nature photography fieldtrip, as we search and photograph Ipswich’s local natural history. This fieldtrip is provided free of charge by James Doyle Photography in partnership with the 2018 Ipswich Enviroplan Photographic Competition.

The Flinders Plum Picnic Area Photo Fieldtrip is a free fieldtrip to encourage you to get out with nature and make some photographs in a friendly and safe environment.

The principle idea behind the Connect with Nature fieldtrips is for like minded photographers to get together and explore a location for whatever we can find to photograph. Think of these fieldtrips like a scavenger hunt for subjects, where we just don’t know what opportunities will arise. It’s a chance to be sociable and give some encouragement to get you outdoors to photograph nature more often.

Flinders Plum Picnic AreaDuring your Enviroplan Flinders Plum Picnic Area Photo Fieldtrip you will have a professional nature photographer on hand to answer basic questions about nature photography. Your guide, a professional nature photographer, is more than happy to help you with your own endeavours in nature photography and give tips about why he might photograph something and the techniques he might use.

These fieldtrips are great for exploring a new location or maybe revisiting an old location with new eyes, as no two moments in time provide the same opportunities. Each Connect with Nature field trip will be a new adventure with nature and fellow photographers.

We will spend about two hours exploring and photographing the area, depending on how things are going and the availability of subjects.

If you are planning on entering photos into the 2018 Ipswich Enviroplan Photographic Competition, this is a great opportunity to get out in nature and find subjects to photograph. 

Entries close on Friday 24 August at 4:30pm AEST.

So why not join us for a couple of hours of nature photography, adventure and discovery?

It is a great way to spend time with nature and maybe get a photo or two in a safe and friendly environment. So what are you waiting for? Book today!

Please understand, on the day I can’t guarantee we will always find subjects or there is perfect light to photograph, this is one of the reasons nature photography can be so hard to undertake, we can’t control nature. I will however endeavour to give you the best opportunities to photograph your subjects.

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I hope to see you in the field soon.

More information about the 2018 Ipswich Enviroplan Photographic Competition.



  1. Tammy C Monday, 6 August, 2018 at 9:23 am - Reply

    Had a great time today at Flinders Plum Picnic Area field trip. James was great.. very knowledgeable, very helpful and easygoing. Great time to practice and be with others interested in nature photography. Gleaning from a master … highly recommended. Thank you James.

    • James Monday, 6 August, 2018 at 9:53 am - Reply

      Thank you for your kind words Tami. I’m glad you enjoyed the afternoon. :-)

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