Photographic Gear - Nikon 77mm Circular Polariser II FilterPhotographic Gear

I offer a range of photography accessories for your convenience.

These items I often mention during tuition sessions or on workshops, field trips or tours.

Technology and camera accessories are changing all the time, so the items listed here may not be the latest version of the product but if you order something and there is a newer version I will supply that latest version.

Due to the expense of carrying stock, this list is not all the gear I would recommend, so if it isn’t listed please ask.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to source camera, lens or the more expensive camera gear but I am happy to advise you where to look.

Affiliate Products, you will be redirected to a supplier’s website to purchase the item directly. These items will be clearly marked as “Affiliate Product” and the prices are in US dollars (USD). These stores will be able to ship you the items quickly and securely.

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