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Brisbane nature photography workshops, fieldtrips and tours are your doorway to the wonderful world of nature photography.

Have you ever felt uninspired to go out into the field to take photos because you had no one to accompany you? Perhaps you are new to an area and just don’t know where to go and what there is to see and photograph?

Sometimes it’s more a case that you have been photographing the same subjects or in the same location over and over again and just don’t get inspired any more about the subject or location. Believe me, we have all been there at some time or another.

Do you want to increase your keepers and impress your friends with your nature photos? Need some encouragement to get out there? Maybe some new techniques to enjoy your nature photography again? I understand where you are coming from and I might be able to help you out of that rut. Keep reading to find out how.


Scroll through the list of subjects we can photograph

Please understand, on the day of your activity, I can’t guarantee we will always find subjects or there is perfect light to photograph, this is one of the reasons nature photography can be so hard to undertake, we can’t control nature. I will however endeavour to give you the best opportunities to photograph the subjects.

A range of activities to suit any nature photographer.

I take great pride in providing you with nature photography activities and knowledge to achieve the skills you desire.

Click each tab on the right to read more about the different options available. Providing a personalized service, from beginning to end during your nature photography adventures.

Each nature photography workshop, fieldtrip and tour is graded with an Adventure Grading. Check tabs on right for a description. You will find the Adventure Grading listed on each activity page. This is a guide to the level of physical exertion which may be encountered on the activity. It is not a grading of your photography skill. Most activities are suitable for beginners to advanced levels of photography.

Join fellow nature lovers on an adventure to local locations to photograph the local subjects. Or far off locations and make friendships with fellow nature photographers which might last a lifetime. Groups are kept small and intimate, usually no more than 6  participants (depending on workshop, fieldtrip or tour).

The Brisbane nature photography workshops, fieldtrips and tours are designed for nature photographers. I endeavour to get you to the best locations at the best times for optimal nature photography.

I enjoy seeing others following their passions and will dedicates time to you based on your individual needs. I try not to do the typical lecture style of teaching photography. You learn by being out in the field photographing in real life situations. We all have our own way of seeing the world around us and learning from that experience.

Brisbane Nature photography workshops, fieldtrips and tours can cover any of the following:

  • Wildlife Photography
  • Bird Photography including Waders and Shorebirds
  • Waterfowl Photography
  • Close-ups and Macro Photography
  • Sunrises, Sunsets, Star Trails and Astrophotography
  • Waterfalls and Cascades Photography
  • Landscapes and Scenic Photography

Theory based nature photography workshops can cover any of the following:

  • Photography exposure theory
  • Equipment selection
  • Bird photography theory
  • Close-up photography theory
  • Waterfall and cascade photography theory
  • Landscape photography theory

Types of Activities Available

Camera IconJust starting out in nature photography?

It’s sometime hard to work out where to start when you first decide to take up photography. What equipment to buy, where to go, how to setup your camera.

I run a number of nature photography beginner’s workshops and fieldtrips which are designed to get you started in the exciting field of nature photography.

Please checkout my page Connect with Nature | Beginner’s Photography Program for more details.

Camera IconNature photography fieldtrips are short outings to locations which you may not have known about or have the potential to provide subjects you are seeking to photograph, maybe even just a good excuse for a new adventure. They offer the opportunity to meet new people who share your interest in all things photography and nature.

On nature photography fieldtrips there is no guarantee that you will find any particular subject. You should think of fieldtrips as a “treasure hunt” or “scavenger hunt” for whatever subjects we can find during our time at the various locations. Each fieldtrip will be guided by me and sometimes a specialist guide will join us to assist you with your endeavours.

Nature photography fieldtrips are conducted mainly around the Brisbane region of South East Queensland and northern New South Wales, so you are sure to find something of interest to you and your sense of adventure!

I try to keep the cost of each fieldtrip as low as possible, to make it affordable for any budget. Please understand though, I am in business and I do need to charge something for my time and effort in organising the fieldtrip. You support is appreciated.

Camera IconNature photography workshops are usually a combination of some formal photography tuition, covering the workshop topic and then some practical demonstrations and exercises to reinforce the theory you will learn.

Workshops are a good starting point for learning new techniques before heading out into the field proper to photograph nature subjects. You could think of workshops as being similar to the traditional type of photography class you might have done before only we are usually outdoors with nature.

Each nature photography workshop will be conducted by me and sometimes a specialist in the subject of the workshop will make an appearance.

Nature photography workshops usually are of a two to four-hour period with breaks. I do run full day nature photography workshops when required, which cover more in depth information about a particular subject.

Camera IconI offer one on one nature photography private tuition to help you achieve your goals in nature photography.

You decide what you would like to learn about and the location or I can suggest suitable locations depending on your needs.

Available at half day rates , where we explore subject matter of your choosing and practice the techniques you would like to learn out in the field.

Bring a paying friend and receive a great discount off normal pricing for two people.

Your Session Include

  • Half Day nature photography private tuition sessions are normally four (4) hours duration. Morning or afternoon tea is provided.

Follow up support will be provided, if needed as most sessions are full of new information and easily forgotten in the short term.

Camera IconMentoring is more about giving support to you and giving advice to help you achieve your aims in nature photography rather than a formal training experience.

This would be good for photographers who are already comfortable with their camera and techniques but would appreciate some assistance and encouragement to improve their photography.

I offer two packages.

  • Six (6) Month Mentoring Program

You will receive six (6) Months of mentoring from the time we have our first meetup to discuss your needs.

  • Online Mentoring

Due to the distance that might be experienced which makes face to face meetings difficult. I will arrange a series of “projects”, which you can do in your own time and we can discuss the results over the telephone (I’ll telephone you so you don’t incur costs) or we can stay in contact via email or any method that suits you. I will of course provide honest guidance and advice every step along the way.

I will also email you some written notes covering some of the topics we talk about.

Whichever you decide to choose, I what you want to learn what matters to you. You select what and the locations you would like to explore.

Camera IconNature photography tours are extended photography adventures to various locations worldwide. They usually provide accommodation, meals, local transport, local guides and local fees. They are specialized adventures for photographers of all ability levels from beginners to professionals.

Each premium nature photography tour is woven together to provide photography opportunities and a nature photography adventure that will put you in the right place at the right time to produce great images and give you a set of personal experiences guaranteed to make you fall in love with your nature photography and the different locations we visit. You will come home with a great collection of photos and a better understanding of the diverse ecosystems and fascinating natural history of each location visited.

During each tour, your adventure will have professional nature photographers and guides with many years experience to assist you in your photography throughout the tour. Where possible we also use local guides who are experienced in speciality areas of natural history to assist in identifying the species we encounter and photograph and to optimise our opportunities with a good variety of subjects.

The local guides are professional guides who are fully licensed with their local authorities.

Adventure Grading

These gradings are Not about photography skill but the accessibility of different locations for different activities.

The degree of difficulty in gaining access to these locations is easy.

There is usually pathways, paved tracks, stairs, grassed areas or  broad walks.

Generally these activities have easy access. Maybe suitable for people with walking difficulty.

You should be in reasonable good health as a little physical effort required.

Any of the following factors need to be considered depending on the field trip:

  • Early morning start (sometimes pre-dawn)
  • Staying late and walking in the dark
  • Small inclines to climb
  • Being hot, humid or cold
The degree of difficulty in gaining access to these locations is Moderate.

You would need to be in good health and physically fit.
(There may not be easy access for medical assistance if needed).

Any of the following factors need to be considered depending on the field trip:

  • Early morning start (sometimes pre-dawn)
  • Staying late and walking in the dark
  • Cross country walking
  • Moderate hills to climb
  • Moderate stairs to climb
  • Rock hopping up creeks or gorges
  • Getting wet with creek crossings
  • Getting dirty
  • Easy climbing of rocks
  • Being hot, humid or cold
The degree of difficulty in gaining access to these locations is Difficult.

You would need to be in good health and physically fit.
(There may not be easy access for medical assistance if needed).

Any of the following factors need to be considered depending on the field trip:

• Early morning start (sometimes pre-dawn)
• Staying late and walking in the dark
• Cross country walking
• Long walking distance
• Steep hills to climb
• Steep stairs to climb
• Rock hopping up creeks or gorges
• Getting wet with creek crossings
• Use of ropes to secure yourself or abseil
• Getting dirty
• Fear of heights
• Being hot, humid or cold

Being a good nature photographer will not happen overnight even with nature photography workshops, fieldtrips or tours.
It takes commitment, time, practice and knowledge in order to achieve good results.

It’s not just about the photograph, it’s the outdoor experience!

Doug Gardner – Wild Photo Adventures

The locations we visit

Brisbane nature photography workshops and field trips are normally conducted in the South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales regions.

brisbane nature photography workshops. Springbrook nature photography workshop in the rain.We sometime venture further afield. Most are locations you can revisit on your own whenever you like. Some locations have restricted access because they are on private property and I have made arrangements with the owners to gain access.

Some activities can be camping weekends and others the accommodation is more up market.

We head out into the field in all kinds of weather, chasing that elusive photograph. Sometimes it might be cold, sometimes it’s hot and humid. It maybe raining. You may get muddy or wet. Often these are the times when the best photos are made.

Tours can be to any location Australia wide or overseas.

Why choose me as your learning partner in nature photography?

  • I only practice nature photography and learning about nature in an ethical manner.
  • I want to see you succeed with your nature photography. No matter what level you’re at.
  • I want you to feel comfortable with your new found abilities as a nature photographer.
  • I operate in small groups. Usually no more than 6 people (Depending on activity). So everyone gets time to ask questions about what matters to them.
  • I offer free after activity support, because I care about your photography. I want to see you excel and understand you may not remember what you learnt on the workshop, field trip or tour.
  • I have a wealth of free nature photography tips and techniques on my nature photographers blog.
  • We go to real locations in the field to photograph the subjects in their natural habitat. This is what nature photography is about, being outdoors with nature.
  • We get up early to photography the wildlife when it is most active.
  • We stay late. When the light is golden or blue (the magic hours).
  • I practice ethical photography and the welfare of the subject always comes first. Small group sizes also has less impact on the environment and the subjects we photograph.

What Some Clients Say About James Doyle Photography

My wife Christine and I really enjoyed our time with James. He gave us lots of information about getting started in nature photography. We would highly recommend James and will be back to do further workshops with him.
Frank Walker, Workshop
Really Great day, learnt a lot about my camera, the subjects i was photographing and photography in general. it was great day and James Doyle was excellent. I would highly recommend one of his courses, workshops or tours.
Timothy Little, Workshop
Thank you James. Since changing over to Lightroom, I have been completely confused as to how to use it! Your private tuition session on how to use Lr made it so easy to understand importing, filing, editing and exporting, and I am now in complete control over it. Thank you for your patience and easy to understand approach to tutoring. Would Highly Recommend
Gai Hatch, Private Tuition
Thank you for a fantastic day on a Waterfall Photography Fieldtrip in the Gold Coast Hinterland. I learnt so much today about composing my photos and exposure during changing weather elements, and that sometimes to get the shot you need to get wet! Getting dirty in a rainforest has never been more educational or fun, thank you :) Would Highly Recommend!
Lisa Spencer, Fieldtrip
Had a session with James today and learned heaps. He really is knowledgeable about photography and I would highly recommend him to my friends.
Anglia Bartlet, Private Tuition
What a wonderful day with James. He is such a knowledgeable guy, I learnt so much from him. His passion for nature is refreshing and inspiring. I would recommend him to anyone interested in photography or even just having a great day with outdoors.
Susan Richie, Private Tuition
I recently had a one on one tutorial with James on macro photography. I learnt a lot. I particularly appreciated Jame’s thoughtful approach to the subject and his preference to focus on ‘reading’ the light and understanding the technique rather than rushing into taking lots of photos. Would Recommend!
Paul Campbell, Private Tuition
James’ passion for the beauty and protection of our wonderful flora and fauna shows not only through his photography, but also for the way he encourages others to see it. His stories are endless, and his knowledge amazing! Being mentored by such a patient, gentle, knowledgeable and talented man was such a privilege, and an experience i will long treasure. Would Recommend!
Lisa Spencer, Private Tuition
After seeing James Doyle on television a few weeks ago, I booked a day of tuition with him to learn how to use my camera. James was very patient with me. James is full of information about photography and nature which he shared with me in a way I could understand even with my limited skills. I would highly recommend James if you are interested in learning about nature and photography, as he is easy to talk with, patient and knowledgeable. James is a gentle soul when he is talking about nature and photography, which is how I saw him on television, a genuine lover of nature and his photography. I had never heard of James until I saw him on television and I want others to get to know him and what he has to offer, so please check him out as I highly recommend James to everyone interested in photography.
Katherine Peterson, Private Tuition
I’ve been out with James on a number of occasions and have always had a wonderful experience and I always learn something new. I highly recommend James to anyone interested in nature photography.
Paul Robson, Fieldtrip
James has a great sense of humour and doesn’t take himself too seriously. What he does take seriously is helping you succeed in your nature photography and appreciation of the natural world.
Robert Jackson, Private Tuition
I had the privilege of joining James on a sunset shoot at Mary Cairn Cross Park and had a great day. I would absolutely recommend James to anyone wanting to better their skills and learn more about nature photography, plus you get to meet likewise people and make great friends.
Steve Bass, Fieldtrip
I recently had two days tuition with James. As I was just starting out in photography, we started with the basics of setting up the camera and James gave lots of tips about things you wouldn’t think of, that are handy to have in your kit. I found James to be very knowledgeable and freely gave information and tips. Overall, the two days were great fun and James is a rather likable person who puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable very quickly. I learnt heaps and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in getting into nature photography or just wants a couple of days out or as James would say an adventure in nature. :-) Thanks heaps James.
Rick Simon, Two Day Tuition
Great field trip with James to the Border Ranges National Park. Opportunity to photograph in a number of different places in the National Park. Well and truly worth the early start to get there at a reasonable time. Learnt a lot from James, from tripod recommendations, depth of field, setting up for macro, using large lenses for bird photography to taking great shots of cascades. James is very easy company and a great source of knowledge and skills he has built up over many years. Would Highly Recommend.
Frank Walker, Fieldtrip
Thoroughly enjoyed James Doyle’s Nature workshop. He explained many fundamentals in an easy to understand format. Would Recommend
Julie Elliott, Workshop

Hello James, I have to say I enjoy your workshop and learned more in those few hours than I have in years at camera club! Your way of explaining things was easy and clear. I am sure I will produce sharper images (which out of focus images have been my downfall for a long time) Julie and I will be out more often to practice so I dare say we will see you again around the ridges. Thank you for your time and knowledge. Happy snapping :-)

Noelene, Workshop
I have now done a workshop and most recent field trip and I must say it was well worth it. James explains the processes in an easy and simple to understand format which actually make sense. I learnt more in the 3 hour workshop than potentially years reading articles online or watching youtube. The field trip was perfect to put what was learnt in the workshop into practice and James was more than happy to explain the why, what and how and assist in helping to get the perfect shot. Highly recommended and I look forward to doing further field trips in the future.
Michael G, Workshop & Fieldtrip

Thank you James for a fantastic day. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt so much, you are a very patient man. :-) Lunch with a real tablecloth took me by surprise (nice touch). I’ll get out and practice some of the things you taught me. At the moment I’m going through the camera settings and setting things up properly. Next I shall buy a good field book and start to learn more about wildlife, then I’ll buy a good tripod as you recommended. I promise I will use it! LOL Thanks you again James and I’ll tell my friends to book some tuition with you. Highly Recommended.

Bianca Bostock, Private Tuition

Thanks for pointing out the similarity and difference between landscape and scenic photography. Although perhaps close in subject matter I can look at my photographic art and see a difference. Would Recommend.

J. Chelten Davis , General Comment

The Queensland Camera Group, one of Brisbane’s oldest photography clubs, had the honour of James as its guest speakers at our September monthly meeting last Thursday the 6th September. James entertained us for nearly two hours with stories of his life experiences as a cinematographer and still photographer. He also used the time to impart much of the knowledge he has gained with over 40 years in nature photography with lots of practical hints and tips, in a very hands on and no fuss down to earth way, for our budding nature photography buffs. Thanks for a great presentation. We’ll be looking forward to having you back at some time in the future. Take care. Would Highly Recommend.

Queensland Camera Group (Tony FitzGerald), Guest Speaking

Why not check out an activity for your next adventure in nature photography?

I hope to see you in the field in the near future. May your viewfinder be filled with wonderful visions.

Please note I will not be available for any outdoor activities in the immediate future. Thanks. Dismiss