B+W Step Up Rings for Filters

B+W Step Up Rings for Filters


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B+W  High Quality Step Up Rings For Filters

  • Knurled sides for firmer grip
  • Anodised aluminum construction

B+W step up rings are high quality in their construction and should last you many years of use. They aren’t the cheapest available but you get what you pay for! With B+W products you are getting precision in the threads and anodising. If you would like cheaper versions check out my other listing for generic brand step up rings.

During my workshops and tuition sessions I often suggest that you buy one size of filter, usually 77mm. This in theory enables you to purchase only one of each high quality filter of your choice. So you might need a Circular Polarising filter, a Neutral Density filter, a Diopter close up filter or maybe a clear filter. If you buy one of each in 77mm and use step up rings they will fit every lens you own now and into the future. Thereby saving you money, weight and if you look after the filters they will last a lifetime regardless of what lens you use.

When you want to use a filter on a lens with a smaller filter thread size, you use the step up ring to attach the filter to what lens you choose. A step up filter ring is a simple glassless ring with a male thread for your lens and larger size female thread for your filter. The step up ring screws onto your lens and the filter screws onto the step up ring.

A downside of step up rings and larger filters is that they interfere with using the standard lens hood supplied with the lens. This can be easily solved by buying a collapsible rubber hood with a 77mm screw in thread and using this with your filters or shade the lens with you hat, hand, when necessary.

1 review for B+W Step Up Rings for Filters

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Darren Graves

    James recommended this idea of having one filter size and using step rings to fit my other lenses when I did some tuition with him! What a great money saver idea and less to carry in the field. Thanks for the tip James :-)

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