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The connect with nature beginner’s photography program is a series of  nature photography workshops to help you get started in nature photography.

There are a range of different activities covering different topics, where you will learn the basic principles and aspects of nature photography. Connect with Nature Beginner’s Photography Program would be a great starting point for anyone just starting out in photography or would like to pursue nature photography as their main area of interest in photography.

The activities include a number of workshops to help you learn more about nature photography and nature in general with an emphasis on ethical practices.

You will find any Connect with Nature Beginner’s Photography Program workshops or fieldtrips running, in the Activities Calendar. Look for the banner, tag or category saying “Connect with Nature”.

Some of the general topics covered in the workshops are;

  • What is nature photography.
  • What equipment is needed.
  • Camera functions.
  • Camera Settings.
  • Where to find things to photograph.
  • When is the best time to photograph.
  • Composition.
  • Ethics in nature photography.

Different workshops drill down into different specialty areas of photography, such as;

  • Beginners guide to nature photography.
  • Exposure theory.
  • Beginners guide to bird photography.
  • Beginners guide to closeup photography.
  • Beginners guide to waterfall and cascade photography.
  • Beginners guide to landscape and scenic photography.

Family group enjoying a connect with nature session with James Doyle Photography.

Combined with different field trips, where you get out into the field and learn more about how to make great photographs of nature in a safe and friendly environment.

With the Connect with Nature Beginner’s Photography Program you can pick which activity suits you and come along to learn something new or to refresh your knowledge.

The Connect with Nature Beginner’s Photography Program will give you lots of useful information about getting started in nature photography and is a fun way to meet fellow photographers just starting out.

From the time you contact me, until I farewell you at the end of your nature photography adventure, you will receive the support you need in getting the most out of your adventure. The support doesn’t end when the activity ends either, I am always happy to assist you with post activity support.

What are you waiting for? Why not book an activity? Start your adventure in nature photography today!

I look forward to meeting you and helping your start your adventure in nature photography.

Booking and payment is essential for all activities and payments should be made before the scheduled Connect with Nature Beginner’s Photography Program workshop start date to ensure your spot. Your booking can’t be confirmed until payment is received.

Please also ensure you read the Terms and Conditions – Outdoor Activities and our Refund Policy before making a booking.

If you have any questions about the Connect with Nature Beginner’s Photography Program, please contact me with your questions.

It’s a sad truth that there isn’t any shortcuts in becoming a good nature photographer.
You need patience, persistence, knowledge and someone who specialises in nature photography to lend a helping hand!

Please note I will not be available for any outdoor activities in the immediate future. Thanks. Dismiss