Conservation Organisation’s Image Donation

//Conservation Organisation’s Image Donation
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Nature Image Thumbnails for image donation.

A free image donation will be given to genuine nature conservation  and environmental organisations only.

I am happy to donate my images for free to genuine nature conservation or environmental organisations for use on their websites or conservation campaigns under the following terms and conditions.

  • Copyright remains with James Doyle
  • Copyright information to James Doyle must be displayed on all images
  • Images are not to be modified in any way except for sizing
  • Images are to be used only for nature conservation promotion or protection

Image donation will be free of charge.

Please fill in the form on the right if your environmental or nature protection organisation would like to use any of my images.

If you would like to use my images for any other purposes please go to the Stock Images page.

If you would like further information or discuss image use further, please contact me.

Image Donation Request

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Further Information:

Due to the hot weather conditions this summer, I will not be undertaking Full Day Private Tuition sessions in the field, until the weather cools. You can still book a date for a later time in the year. You will have 12 months for your session to take place. If you have any questions, please contact me to discuss your needs.

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