Natural History Guiding Service

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I am no longer providing this service into the foreseeable future.
I apologies for any inconvenience.

My natural history guiding service provides you with the resources you need to get to a location or to find a subject you require to photograph, film or study.

Maybe you are a film crew or just an individual, wanting to find a certain subject or place to photograph or film.

After spending more than 30 years working in the field as a natural history cinematographer and nature photographer, I have worked with many scientific researchers and field workers who specialise in natural history. I can call upon these specialist to help find what you need and then guide you to any location as required. Plus having worked as a natural history cinematographer myself, I have an understanding of the complexities of productions and the needs required by camera crews for the right light and other requirements.

Having travelled over much of Australia, sometimes under arduous conditions, I am well equipped to provide a robust action plan if the conditions become tough.

The costs will depend on the complexities of what you wish to achieve, the location, the duration and other factors. After you submit your enquiry, I will cost any proposed guiding service and I will email you a detailed quote.

Please include as much information as possible so I can make an accurate assessment of your requirements. Include whether you require transport, accommodation, catering, camping equipment. The more information you provide me now the better I will understand your needs. Allow several weeks before intended departure so that the trip can be organised.

We can discuss the finer details after first getting an idea of what your requirements are.

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Due to the hot weather conditions this summer, I will not be undertaking Full Day Private Tuition sessions in the field, until the weather cools. You can still book a date for a later time in the year. You will have 12 months for your session to take place. If you have any questions, please contact me to discuss your needs.

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