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//Request a Link Exchange with James Doyle Photography
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I am happy to do a reciprocal link exchange to your website or business on my website if you have a nature, environmental or nature photography based website.

As a professional nature photographer, educator and mentor, I am always looking to promote ethical nature photography and websites which share my passion for the natural world. By sharing each others websites we help spread the word about our love for nature and help promote ethical behaviour in nature photography and the environment.

If you feel your website or business would contribute to the public’s appreciation of nature or learning more about the natural environment, the creatures that share the earth with us or ethical nature photography, I am happy to help promote your website or business. This would include blogs about nature or the environment. If you have a website that contains photo galleries of your work and they are nature based photo’s I will consider linking these websites as well but as I’m a photographer myself I don’t want to promote only photos.

Once your request is approved, I will put a link to your website on my Resource Links page and if you have a small banner I could show that also. In the future I may create a separate page just for nature based website links, thereby giving sites better exposure. As a link exchange, you would be required to put a link back to my website’s home page, James Doyle Photography. This link would have to be maintained and notification of it’s removal given. If you would like to provide a website banner, please ensure it is no larger than 250px on the longest side. If you have a banner larger than this, contact me with details about the size.

Get in touch by filling in the form on the right, if you would like to do a link exchange to each others websites and start sharing the wonderful world of nature. If you have any questions about a link exchange, feel free to contact me.


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