Stories from the Field

//Stories from the Field

I will be writing about some of the adventures and observations made in the field from thirty plus years working as a natural history cinematographer and photographer (among other things). To give some background on what these posts will be about and why you may find them entertaining and something like an Indiana Jones story. During my life working in the field as everything from a soldier, stockman, underground miner, shotfirer, commercial diver, ethnoecologist, adventure tour guide, natural history cinematographer, nature photographer and many other pastimes, I have been privileged to experience and witness many of life’s wonders and to have experienced the adventures that one has with this type of lifestyle.

My life in general has been filled with adventures and experiences. I have always been interested in the natural world  and history in general and my interest in discovering new things has always reflexed this connection, such as caving, rock climbing, mountain climbing in Nepal, camping, off road travel, scuba diving just to mention a few. I also have had a keen interest in history, archaeology, anthropology and find these pastimes melt together nicely. I’m the sort of person which has to travel down the dirt road to see what can be found along the way. Thinking nothing of rolling out my swag under the stars because I find somewhere peaceful and worth a stay. It was calculated some time ago, that until recently, I had spent more time camped under a billion stars than I had in a regular bed under a roof.

So you could look at these “stories” as a journal of past and present adventures and observations from the field through my eyes and what I felt at the time and possibly lamenting about now that I am getting older and less opportunities of travel to far off locations present themselves. The world is changing and presents new adventures to those that seek them out. One constant is that the natural world still amazes and fascinates me.

So why not grab your favourite brew, kick off your shoes and sit back and have a read. I can only hope you are entertained and maybe inspired to get out to enjoy this wonderful planet and all the amazing creatures, places and adventures found within.

I hope you will be excited to read these posts and can’t wait for the next instalment of new posts. I certainly am excited about writing them for you. If you do find them entertaining, please share them with your friends and consider “liking” on Facebook and other social media.

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