Tropical North Queensland Nature Photography Tour 2014

///Tropical North Queensland Nature Photography Tour 2014

Ultimate Tropical North Queensland Nature Photography Tour

Join us on an Ultimate Tropical North Queensland Nature Photography Tour  In December 2014!

Hurry limited spaces available!

Our Ultimate Tropical North Queensland Nature Photography Tour in December 2014 provides one of the very best opportunities to observe and photograph some of Australia’s most elusive, unusual and unique wildlife.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to photograph some of Tropical North Queensland’s unique wildlife in a diversity of habitats spanning elevations from the lowlands around Cairns to highland tropical rainforest at over 1000 metres elevation.

Visiting up to eleven different habitats over 8 full days, from reef to rainforest in the Tropical North Queensland region, this tour is flexible in nature, to provide the best opportunities to photograph these unique subjects. We don’t have a fixed itinerary, we stay in different locations to make the most of any opportunities that present themselves.

The exceptional diversity of environments encompasses lowland, upland and highland rainforests, tall wet sclerophyll forest, dry sclerophyll forest, savannah, extensive wetlands, arable lands, mangroves, mudflats and inter-tidal zone. Of particular interest are the World Heritage listed rainforests which are considered to be one of the most ecologically rich and evolutionary significant sites in the world. These restricted forests support a unique assemblage of flora and fauna and contain the highest amounts of biological diversity and endemism within Australia. Fifty-four vertebrate species are unique to the region, including five endemic possums and two species of tree kangaroos. The charismatic platypus is found throughout most of the region’s freshwater wetlands.

Species frequently seen include Lumholtz’s Tree-kangaroo, Lemuroid (including the rare White form); Herbert River, Green and Common Ringtails, Coppery Brushtail, Striped and Long-tailed Pygmy Possums; Rufous, Masked, Red Boobook and Lesser Sooty Owls; Chameleon and Northern Leaf-tailed Geckos, Pink-tongued Lizards; Swamp Wallabies, Red-legged Pademelons, Long-nosed and Northern Brown Bandicoots and many other species. On our excursions, we regularly have excellent views of the platypus a shy and elusive animal and have often observed interesting interactions between individuals and with other species.

The Ultimate Tropical North Queensland Nature Photography Tour Features

  • A visit to Warrigal Highland Rainforest Preserve in the Misty Mountains to photograph Golden Bowerbirds at bowers and many other species.
  • Spotlighting for nocturnal birds and other wildlife at ‘Warrigal’, a privately owned highland rainforest preserve. Species frequently seen include Rufous, Masked, Lesser Sooty, Barn and Boobook Owls. Tawny Frogmouth, nightjars and stone-curlews. Mammals include Lumholtz’s Tree-kangaroo, Lemuroid, Herbert River and Green Ringtail Possums, Coppery Brushtail, Striped and Long-tailed Pigmy Possum, Sugar and Greater Gliders. Other possum species present on the preserve and which are occasionally seen include Common Ringtail, Common Brushtail, and Fluffy, Squirrel and Feather-tail Gliders and the extremely rare white morph (form) of Lemuroid Possum.  Pademelons, Swamp Wallabies, bandicoots, Leaf- tailed Geckos, Pink-tongued Lizards, pythons and frogs are also often encountered depending on season and weather conditions prevailing at the time.
  • Habitats that we will visit for photography include lowland, foothills, upland and highland rainforest, dry and wet sclerophyll woodland, savannah/savannah woodland, extensive freshwater (billabong) wetlands, arable – pasture lands, riparian, mangroves, mudflats and the inter-tidal zone.
  • Early morning pre-breakfast (wild) Platypus viewing which also happens to be a good birding spot.
  • Afternoon birding and (wild) kangaroo photography (drive through 50 kilometres of private land) Species include Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Common (Red phase) Wallaroo, Pretty-face, Agile and Northern Swamp Wallabies and Mareeba Rock-wallaby. Also possible Emus, Black-breasted Buzzard, Red- winged Parrot, pratincoles, bustards, dingos.
  • Early morning pre-breakfast 2 hour Daintree River birding cruise.

The group is small and attention to detail is given to every participant and their photography during the Ultimate Tropical North Queensland Nature Photography Tour. The Ultimate Tropical North Queensland Nature Photography Tour is fully inclusive. Why not book today to secure the trip of a lifetime for nature photography in Tropical North Queensland?

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